No drawing today because it’s just One More Thing. Lately I have felt such a surge of creative drive, and it’s gotten to the point where I feel like I am going to burst for the lack of ability to just Do It All. As I type this I feel like I am going to puke, I’m so overwhelmed.

There is absolutely no one pushing me to do this, really, but suddenly it feels as if a great amount of time has escaped me, and I need to make up. Everyone in my field is expected to be a jack of all trades, and yet everyone wants a succinct, no frills portfolio to prove it. I want to show that I can draw, that I can design graphics, that I am more than capable of launching new products, that I am a competent leader, and comfortable speaking to both business needs and emotional drives. I want a portfolio that is bursting with capabilities. I want my creative self presented in its entirety.

For who? Who else wants that? Who else cares? I have no idea, but it seems so dumb at this point to have coworkers who don’t know that I like to draw. That I have over a decade of successful, award winning, internationally know design stuff under my belt. I hate this winnowing of a personality that happens as you progress through your career.

I dunno. I’ve been drawing more, designing more, making things more, pushing myself more. And I have nothing to show for it if anyone asks.

It’s dumb.